On the Course with Xc Coach Jim Davidson

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A high school cross-country coach with 40 years of experience? If that’s a rarity, it’s also Mr. Jim Davidson. Back in the 1975, when Mr. Davidson was still a graduate student, he started to run with Choate’s Boys’ Cross Country team. Girls’ Cross Country was not an official sport yetRead More

School spirit is a pivotal aspect of student life and must be sustained by and for the students.

The Dilemma of Rooter Buses and School Spirit

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Any student-athlete knows that away games can be tough, whether it’s because of the bus rides, the foreign locker room, the SAGE bag lunches, or any of the other inconveniences that come with playing at another school. Perhaps the most unnerving aspect that comes with playing away from home, particularlyRead More

Tristan Jamidar ’18 Receives National Rowing Recognition

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Many top athletes are born to do a certain sport. They begin at a young age, and, over their childhood, perfect and refine their natural talents. Some, however, have a much longer path to their calling, defined by hard work and perseverance. Tristan Jamidar ’18, a co-captain of the Boys’Read More

With her teammates looking on, Blake Migden ’19 serves during a seven-hour, three-game Saturday.

Volleyball Tops Pomfret During Triple-header

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  Last Saturday, Girls’ Varsity Volleyball crushed Pomfret in a commanding 3-0 win during its busy three game weekend. Pomfret entered with a 1-2 record, with 0-2 losses against Lawrence Academy and Middlesex and its sole win coming against Marianopolis Prepatory. Choate, on the other hand, entered the game withRead More

A New Face for Volleyball

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Immersing yourself into a new community can be a intimidating and challenging task, but for new faculty member Mr. Filipe Camarotti, the transition into life here at Choate was near seamless. Entering his first year at Choate, he is currently coaching Girls’ JV Volleyball and plans on coaching Boys’ VarsityRead More

Dilibe Iloeje ’18: Soccer and Campus Star

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JC: How’s your year going up to now? DI: It’s going well so far.  Soccer season has started off well.  Classes are pretty good too. JC: How has the soccer season been so far? DI: The year has started off very strongly. We have a talented team this year andRead More

Sam Brown ’20 during Choate’s 1-1 draw against The Lawrenceville School last Saturday.

Girls’ Soccer Ties Lawrenceville

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This past Saturday, Girls’ Varsity Soccer was faced with a tough matchup against Lawrenceville, which was reflected in a final score of 1-1. As the game begun, Choate struck first with a goal from captain Emily Clorite ’18. The first half was a very back and forth game, as ChoateRead More

Mr. Roney Eford, Choate’s new Director of Athletics, aims to prioritizes good sportsmanship.

In The Office with Roney Eford

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After Mr. Ned Gallagher decided to resume full-time teaching this year following his 21 year tenure as Athletic Director, the school was left with a big pair of shoes to fill. Candidates capable of handling the rigors of the position can be hard to come by, even in the timeRead More

Last weekend, Taylor Christiana ’18 became the first female to compete in a Choate football game.

Taylor Christiana ’18: Kicking Away Gender Norms

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It’s not very often that a JV kicker can make history, but that is exactly what Taylor Christiana ’18 did this past Sunday when JV football played its first game of the season, and Christiana started as kicker in a 26-7 win over NYC Lions Football. She became the firstRead More