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New Faculty Chairs

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Dean of Faculty, Ms. Katie Levesque announced three faculty chairs during Convocation this year. The Independence Foundation Chair was awarded to math teacher Ms. Kristin Chin; The Alan and Kempner Chair was awarded to Director of the Kohler Environmental Center, Mr. Joe Scanio; and the Wachtell Chair was awarded toRead More

Varsity Fall Preview

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Boys’ Soccer: Boys’ Varsity Soccer is young and has plenty of room to grow, but it seems poised to have a great season. Co-captain Zach Lopes ’18 is the leader of the team’s defense this year, while newcomer Brendan Kish ’19 will likely add to the team’s offense on theRead More

Lyman Hall High School, located ten minutes from Choate, offers an array of academic opportunities.

From Choate Rosemary Hall to Lyman Hall

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Although Choate students may spend up to four years in Wallingford, many are unfamiliar with the town that they call a second home. Aside from the usual Choate haunts such as Half Moon and Mr. D’s, the town is full of resources for its approximately 46,000 residents, one of themRead More

Peanut Butter Removed from Spread Station

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As students flocked to the dining hall on their first few days at Choate, many were shocked to see there was no peanut butter, and in its place were two new additions to the spread section: soy-based Wow Butter and sunflower seed-based Sun Butter. Both Wow Butter and Sun ButterRead More

Hillary Clinton’s Book Does Democrats More Harm Than Good

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Like many other liberals, I have a love-hate relationship with Hillary Clinton. I strongly supported her during the general election, but after her defeat, I felt angry with her for losing the election to such a poor candidate as Donald Trump P’00. In the days, weeks, and months following theRead More

Third-Form Grammar Now Textbook-Free

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For many Choate students, the thought of grammar evokes formidable images of never-ending scribbles by the infamous red ink pen, bleeding corrections covering once-proud work. In order to change this stereotype, the English 100 curriculum will implement a new method of grammar instruction this year: an online resource called NoRedInk.Read More

Pro-DACA protestors in Los Angeles assemble to chant and display signs on September 4, 2017.

American Dreamers: Why Repealing DACA is UnPatriotic

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The summer of 2017 was a busy one for President Donald Trump P’00, as he made several controversial decisions that sparked discontent throughout the United States. While his equating of white supremacists with social justice activists was truly horrendous, the decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals programRead More

Dining Hall Overflow: Lack of Luxurious Lunches

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With the new schedule in place, Choate students must now adapt to several drastic changes, one of which is the new lunch blocks. To fix the issue of students not having time to eat lunch on a daily basis, this year’s schedule includes a two-hour block with designated times forRead More