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143 million Americans were affected by the Equifax hack.


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Earlier this month, the consumer credit reporting agency Equifax announced a devastating data breach that leaked the personal information of 143 million Americans. This information included 209,000 credit card numbers and millions of social security numbers, along with driver’s license numbers, addresses, and phone numbers. In early March, an industryRead More

Changes to the Student Handbook

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Arriving back on campus this fall, students found a variety of new restrictions imposed on them by the handbook, including a more severe punishment for breaking visitation and the discouragement of Mylar balloons. Breaking visitation is now considered a violation of a major school rule. More specifically, this applies toRead More

At Commencement, recent graduates smoke cigars as an unofficial rite of passage.

Can You Hold My Diploma While I Light This Cigar?

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Commencement at Choate is a day filled with a plethora of emotions. The first two sensations of the day are joy and sadness; the third is the pungent scent of burning tobacco leaves. Every year on this day, seniors are free from teachers’ authority and cigars are lit around campus. Read More

A New Face for Volleyball

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Immersing yourself into a new community can be a intimidating and challenging task, but for new faculty member Mr. Filipe Camarotti, the transition into life here at Choate was near seamless. Entering his first year at Choate, he is currently coaching Girls’ JV Volleyball and plans on coaching Boys’ VarsityRead More

Ms. Henríquez speaks to the community at school meeting, giving students and faculty a more complex understanding of the assigned summer reading.

Author Cristina Henríquez Visits campus

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On Tuesday, September 19, Ms. Cristina Henríquez, author of this summer’s required school reading, The Book of Unknown Americans, visited the Choate community. While on campus, Ms. Henríquez had dinner with members of the English Department, spoke to Choate students in Advanced Creative Writing and Intensive Creative Writing courses, discussedRead More

President of Singapore Halimah Yacob and her husband wave to supporters in September 2017.

Singapore’s New President Violates Core Singaporean Values

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In Singapore, the president is largely a ceremonial figurehead in a system where executive power lies with the prime minister.  However, it’s exactly the symbolic nature of the office and its reflection of core national values that makes this week’s unelected appointment of the country’s eighth president so striking.  OverRead More

Organizing 101 Teaches Peaceful Protest

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This past Sunday, September 24, Organizing 101 was hosted in the Black Box Theater as this year’s first Nonviolent Direct Action Training. The workshop was a follow-up training session of How to Attend a Protest 101, which was hosted last spring. “Organizing 101 is a workshop designed to train thoseRead More

Ellie Kim ’19 and Angie Zhao ’19 run Fitting Room 208 on Instagram.

À La Mode

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Students of Choate Rosemary Hall frequently bring life to their passions through clubs or organizations, often using COSA or faculty members for support. Their original ideas are introduced to students at events and meetings, often spreading through campus easily. Two students, however, have recently chosen to develop their concept independently,Read More

Let’s Make Better Use of the Assessment Team

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Picture this: a student has been withdrawing from their friends. They spend most of their time in their room and have lost a significant amount of weight. Instead of being their light-hearted self, they have been sulking around school, even missing their classes. Last week, a sizable bruise appeared onRead More