Bananas, White Boards, and Life Hacks: Instagrams of Choate

Photo courtesy of SomeBoardArt

The Instagram account SomeBoardArt captures white board drawings around campus.

‘This school year, many Instagram accounts centered on entertaining the student body have surfaced. Most of these accounts post Choate-specific jokes and memes, while others post amusing pictures of students and interesting sights around campus. However, each Instagram account has been created anonymously by a member of the community, as the Student Handbook outlines that a student may not create an account in the school’s name without permission. Nonetheless, these accounts continue to entertain hundreds of followers with dozens of comical posts. Summaries of the various accounts are as follows:



Capturing pictures of students eating bananas, ChoateBanana has been active since March 1, 2017. The student who operates the account takes most of these pictures without the student aware that his or her picture is being taken, and those students are humorously poised. Usually posting twice a week, the account’s 335 followers are encouraged to tag their friends if they are depicted in a post. In late April, ChoateBanana posted a picture of a basketball player, commenting, “Gotta show off the skills on the court and on the banana.” Pictures usually have settings in all sections of the Dining Hall. Overall, ChoateBanana entertains the Choate community as students can see their friends eating bananas.



One of the most recently created accounts, SomeBoardArt posts pictures of drawings on the dozens of white boards around campus. Ranging from history timelines to simple smiley-faces, SomeBoardArt has been active since April 28, 2017. Occasionally, students will be featured next to a piece of artwork as well. The owner of the account tries to find jovial drawings and captions them with Choate-specific jokes. Earlier this month, the account posted a picture of a melted smiley-face and captioned it: “When the stress begins to melt your face.” On each picture, the owner tags the artist and the location of the artwork. This account, though with less followers than others, has steadily attracted an audience. Although the aim of SomeBoardArt is to entertain members of the Choate community, it has also featured some intricate and impressive artwork.



The oldest account among its counterparts, Choatelifehacks has been active since February 12, 2017. It entertains its 439 followers with Choate-specific memes and has the purpose of conveying “handy life hacks to make the lives of CRH students easier.” Through sarcastic and comical “life hacks,” the account leaves its audience amused after every post. For example, instructing students on how to reserve a study room, ChoateLifeHacks said, “Leave your coat in a lanphy study room 24/7 so that nobody can use it.” The account posts every three to four days and is open to submissions from members of the community. Choatelifehacks is an outlet for students to be entertained, and its popularity is becoming increasingly apparent.



RosemaryMemes is the most popular Choate-themed Instagram account, amassing an impressive 627 followers. As the description jokingly states, the account was created “for questionable tweens” of the community and posts nearly every day. Ranging from commentary about heavy course loads, AP exams, and other aspects of Choate life, the account receives wide acclaim from students on campus. Rosemarymemes humorously conveys common challenges that Choate students face, and by doing so, those challenges seem less extreme when a student visits the page.

The owner of the page, who agreed to speak on the condition of anonymity, said that they were inspired by college meme groups, such as Special Snowflake Teens. The owner added, “A lot of Choate students follow those meme pages, and although they are often still funny for students who don’t attend the colleges, we thought it would be nice to make memes that are relevant to Choate specifically. We also thought it would be a good idea to spread good cheer on campus and relieve stress. We think it’s important not to take life too seriously.” The owner also described that because so many people have taken interest in the page, they have been motivated to continue it. The owner commented, “It’s fun to think that we are sharing memes with the majority of the student body. Specifically when something funny, noteworthy, or otherwise conducive to being turned into a meme happens at Choate, we like to post to keep our page active.”

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