Laurie Hernandez signing copies of her book, I Got This, after School Meeting.

Hernandez shares experience from the olympics

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  To the surprise of many students in the Choate Community, School Meeting on Halloween didn’t follow its usual format. During the meeting, Choate welcomed Laurie Hernandez, a Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award Winner, winner of “Dancing with the Stars” Season 23, and New York Times best-selling author. Easily her greatestRead More

In the Water with Ms. Brooke Fichera

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In the scheme of Choate sports, Water Polo is one of the lesser understood by those on campus. But to those who know the sport, they’re well aware of the ferocity and difficulty of the game. This only makes the job of Ms. Brooke Fichera that much harder as headRead More

Griffin Birney ’18 and Mustafe Dahir ’19: XC Course Record Breakers

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Within the past year, two runners on Boys’ Cross Country have broken the school record, running the fastest time on Choate’s course by a Choate runner. The previous record was 16 minutes and 33 seconds, held by Bo Peard ’11 until last season when Griffin Birney ’18, who is aRead More

In the Cage with Mr. Justin Whittaker

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After hearing about the opening of the position of Head Equipment Manager at Choate, Mr. Justin Whittaker was ready to take advantage of the position and further his career. Mr. Whittaker attended The College of Saint Rose in Albany, New York, where he majored in business administration with a sportsRead More

Boys’ Thirds Soccer Rolls Over Cheshire

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Boys’ Thirds Soccer faced off against Cheshire Academy in a game sponsored by the Boar Pen, something that isn’t exactly normal for a thirds level game, but the team showed up in front of its largest crowd of the season. The numbers on the scoreboard did not represent how theRead More

From left: Owen Collins ’19, Trent Schwab ’18, Chris Guyette ’19, Alex Tertyshny ’18, and Sam Silich ’19 in the weight room.

Total Athlete Conditioning: Training on a New Level

October 19, 2017 at 10:00 pm 0 comments

  In 2004, Mr. Brian Holloway, the Head Trainer at Choate, founded Total Athlete Conditioning, or as it’s known colloquially, TAC. According to TAC’s website, the company’s goal is to “provide a world-class educational and training environment that is based upon current sport science methodology and hands on, practical experience,”Read More

On the Course with Xc Coach Jim Davidson

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A high school cross-country coach with 40 years of experience? If that’s a rarity, it’s also Mr. Jim Davidson. Back in the 1975, when Mr. Davidson was still a graduate student, he started to run with Choate’s Boys’ Cross Country team. Girls’ Cross Country was not an official sport yetRead More

School spirit is a pivotal aspect of student life and must be sustained by and for the students.

The Dilemma of Rooter Buses and School Spirit

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Any student-athlete knows that away games can be tough, whether it’s because of the bus rides, the foreign locker room, the SAGE bag lunches, or any of the other inconveniences that come with playing at another school. Perhaps the most unnerving aspect that comes with playing away from home, particularlyRead More

Tristan Jamidar ’18 Receives National Rowing Recognition

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Many top athletes are born to do a certain sport. They begin at a young age, and, over their childhood, perfect and refine their natural talents. Some, however, have a much longer path to their calling, defined by hard work and perseverance. Tristan Jamidar ’18, a co-captain of the Boys’Read More