In Wake of Conference, Student Council Proposes Drug Rule Change

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Last Tuesday night, Choate’s Student Council approved two proposed changes to the school’s one-strike drug policy. The first proposal states that the purchase, manufacture, possession, or use of marijuana is only grounds for Probation or Suspension, though distribution will continue to lead to dismissal. The second proposal changes the wordingRead More

Dr. Chris Hogue explains the Science Research Program

Course and Signature Programs Fair Highlights Academic Opportunities

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  Just after the end of classes one week ago, on Friday, January 19, the area outside the Tuck Shop was filled with both students and faculty. To those who didn’t know what was going on, it may have looked like a strange social gathering. In actuality, that gathering ofRead More

Choate students join other marchers in Hartford to stand for women's rights.

Students Attend Hartford Women’s March

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On Saturday, January 20, several Choate students attended the Women’s March in Hartford, CT. The Women’s March trip was co-sponsored by 350CRH and Young Democrats. Itai Mupanduki ‘19 from Young Democrats and Baji Tumendemberel ’18 from 350CRH organized the march. Mupanduki said the reason why he wanted to organize thisRead More

During Choate's second schoolwide Wellness Day, the community took part in a variety of activities, including yoga

Choate Unwinds During Wellness Day

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A new addition to the Choate curriculum this year, Wellness Day has been a welcome break in the busy lives of many students. Though Wellness Day is the most obvious change for students, it is only part of a revamp of Choate’s wellness program. 14 months ago, Choate underwent aRead More

Community Weekend Includes i.d. Lab Adventure

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Community Weekend featured a variety of activities aimed at bringing the campus together to participate in everything from a skating party to an international food court. One item on the weekend’s itinerary was the i.d. Adventure held in the Worthington Johnson Athletic Center. Though the event did not have quiteRead More

ITS Takes Action to Fight Meltdown and Spectre Bugs

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Many individuals take for granted the high speed their devices operate at. Especially at Choate, where technology is present in nearly every facet of our lives, devices meet our demands at seemingly instant rates. However, this comes with certain costs: The mechanisms that permit high speed operation make devices susceptibleRead More

HPRSS Lanches Signature Program

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Since its introduction at form meetings in early December, a new HPRSS signature program has sparked student interest around campus. For the first time, students with a particular interest in government, political science, and public service will have the opportunity to specialize and consolidate their work in these areas, muchRead More

Colony Hall, a 50,000-square-foot addition to the Paul Mellon Arts Center, will include an auditorium for more than 1,000 people.

Pmac Addition to be Named Colony Hall

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  Behind the Paul Mellon Arts Center (PMAC), construction for Choate’s much awaited Colony Hall began in mid-December. Ms. Kalya Yannatos, the Director of the PMAC, said this construction is a way of Choate’s “recognizing the need to allow the arts program to be fully supported in the way thatRead More

The Wallingford Public Library's Collaboratory includes a quilting machine and phoneless phone booth.

Wallingford’s Collaboratory Room Fosters Innovation

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  Choate may be one of the first high schools to develop a designated makerspace, but just down the street is a site similar to our own i.d.Lab. In September of 2016, the Wallingford Public Library opened its Collaboratory, a combination makerspace, co-working space, and visual media lab. Located inRead More