After a summer overhaul, the Reading Room now has modern, less anitquated books on display.

In Increasingly Digital World, Library Ponders how to Modernize

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Ms. Jennifer Tuleja, Director of the Andrew Mellon Library, hopes to modernize the way the library offers educational resources, in order for the library to come closer to becoming an academic and social hub at Choate. Recently, some librarians have begun to teach a few World History classes, as theRead More

SAGÉ Committee Proposes Gender, Sexuality Initiatives

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Students Advocating for Gender Equality (SAGÉ) has recently created a ten-student subcommittee aiming to foster a community more informed about consent and sexual intimacy on campus. The committee plans to collaborate with the administration to write official policies and procedures with more positive language.  Over the past two weeks, theRead More

Say Hello to Your New  Adjunct Faculty!

Say Hello to Your New Adjunct Faculty!

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Ms. Emily Brenner Fall, Spring Ms. Emily Brenner has returned to Choate an adjunct faculty member this fall term. In 2001, she came to Choate as a teacher and later served as an admissions interviewer until 2013, when she left to become a full-time parent. Previously, she taught World History,Read More

Choate Alum elected Chair of the International Olympic Committee Athlete’s Commission

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Angela Ruggiero ’98 was elected as Chair of the International Olympic Committee Athlete’s Commission during the 2016 Rio Olympics this summer. Ruggiero is a former ice hockey player who has competed in four winter Olympics, winning one gold, two silver, and one bronze medal. Her first Olympics was in Nagano,Read More

Photo courtesy of The Southern Illinoisan

Prefects Urge Students to Avoid Anonymous Posting App

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  In recent weeks, some Choate students have been spending their after-school time with After School, an anonymous posting app that critics contend is a breeding ground for harassment and cyberbullying. The presence of this app on campus led dorm prefects to ask students to remove the app from theirRead More

Dining Hall Committee to Welcome New Members

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Most members of the Choate community are not aware what happens behind the doors of the servery. The members of the Dining Hall Committee, however, are students, faculty, and SAGE Dining Services staff who meet during every Thursday during F block to work behind the scenes, facilitating communication between ChoateRead More

Institutional Research Department to Examine Dorm Diversity

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Since its implementation three years ago, the dorm lottery system has been met with acceptance; however, some faculty are now questioning potential problems the new system might cause in regards to dorm diversity. Director of Residential Life Mr. Will Morris reached out to Mr. Corey Wrinn, Director of Institutional Research,Read More

Conference attendees listened to a variety of presentations aimed at enabling women to succeed as heads of schools.

Choate Hosts Empowering Women’s Conference

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Over thirty women from anywhere from across the Mid-Atlantic, from New Jersey to Maryland, gathered in Ruutz-Rees on Friday, September 30 for the 2016 Fall Women’s Leadership Seminar, an annual event led by and for the use of women educators in independent schools. The goal of the three-day seminar wasRead More

Mr. Kikosicki boasts of many skills, including making a perfect Margherita pizza.

School Appoints New Onsite Food Director

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Amidst the familiar aroma of burger patties sizzling on the grill, students have noticed a new smiling face in Hill House Dining Hall: Mr. Paul Kikosicki, the new SAGE Onsite Food Service Director. He is ready to contribute fresh ideas to Choate’s dining experience with his 27-year career in theRead More