Melody Li ’18, Matt Aguiar ’18, Kelly Moh ’18, and Sophie Mackin ’18 gather to discuss Earth Week.

Choate Environmental Initiatives Adovocate Change

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For many years, C-Proctors, Environmental Action Coalition (EAC), and Students Against Climate Change (SACC) have helped Choate become more sustainable. Not only do these groups organize activities, like the Green Cup and the Hydro Cup, but they also educate the school about the environment. Each spring, they organize more environment-relatedRead More

Choate Women’s Initiatives Advocate Change

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Since the 2016 presidential election, there has been a call for women’s rights across the country. Choate is no exception to this phenomenon, with several new women’s advocacy initiatives across campus including Girl Up and Like a Girl. Girl Up is an organization existent outside of Choate that supports girlsRead More

Photo by  Lauren Canna/The Choate News

Picturing Mr. Ross Mortensen

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Look at any photo on the Choate website. It likely came from one source: Mr. Ross Mortensen, Manager of Media Resources and a dedicated observer of campus life. Mr. Mortensen can be found in a variety of locales across the Choate campus, photographing Choate students from afar. Mr. Mortensen wasRead More

Located at the center of campus, the Sally Hart Lodge serves prospective students, parents, and alumni alike.

Sally Hart Lodge: Campus Center And Hotel

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As one of the most central buildings on campus, the Sally Hart Lodge and Alumni Center is also one of the most obscure. Built in 1850 by Roderic Curtis, a descendant of one of the 38 founders of Wallingford, what is now known as the Sally Hart Lodge served asRead More

Seniors gather for Incendium, a mug night in which students burn their college rejection letters.

Longstanding Traditions Send off Senior Class

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As seniors finalize their college plans, senior spring traditions encourage students to end their time at Choate and think about their exciting futures ahead. Incendium Founded approximately ten years ago by Mr. James Yanelli, Director of Student Activities, this tradition of burning rejection letters on the SAC patio started whenRead More

Members of the China Study Abroad program gather after an afternoon of exploration.

Chatting With Choaties in China

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Picture the crowded metropolis of Beijing. Skyscrapers shoot into the sky, the Great Wall winds through the city, and the imposing Tiananmen Gate welcomes all to China’s capital. It’s a big change from the red-brick buildings of Choate, yet Beijing is also a part of Choate’s campus. Four students —Read More

Two Strangers, Ten Minutes, One Question: Are there concepts that can’t be expressed by words?

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Before last Wednesday, Chloe Choi ’19, a returning sophomore from Seoul, South Korea, and Imad Rizvi ’18, a three-year junior from Glastonbury, Conn., had never so much as heard the other’s name. They agreed to meet for the first time in the Lanphier Center Café to discuss one topic. HereRead More

Rosemary Hall Artifacts Fill Rotunda

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Though a popular gathering space for Choate students, the Humanities Rotunda is also a historical spot. The space showcases a wide range of art created throughout the school’s history — from cotton tapestries to wooden carvings to bronze sculptures. More than mere decorations, this artwork tells the unique and colorfulRead More

Zev-Nicolai Scanio’s ’18 culminating project, a design of the PMAC.

Psychology to Punk: Winter Directed Studies

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The Directed Study program allows motivated students to create their own academic course in a topic that interests them. During  the winter term, students undertook twelve such programs: Advanced Playwriting and Screenwriting Mattie Drucker ’17, Elena Levin ’17, Ms. Kate Doak After taking Playwriting and Screenwriting, Levin and Drucker created this DirectedRead More