Organizing 101 Teaches Peaceful Protest

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This past Sunday, September 24, Organizing 101 was hosted in the Black Box Theater as this year’s first Nonviolent Direct Action Training. The workshop was a follow-up training session of How to Attend a Protest 101, which was hosted last spring. “Organizing 101 is a workshop designed to train thoseRead More

The Woman Who Manages Risk: Ms. Risa Vine

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Meet Ms. Risa Vine. She has been Choate’s Director of Risk Management since November 2016 and plays a large role in keeping everyone on campus safe. Her job includes overseeing campus-wide risk management, supervising Choate’s Community Safety function, and giving support and training to the school community regarding risk mitigation,Read More

For their dorm theme, KEC prefects created nature-themed puns.

Exploring Dorm Door Decoration

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Before the start of each school year, Choate prefects gather to brainstorm and choose dorm themes: posters placed on each dorm room to specify the inhabiting students’ names. Each year, prefects create even more creative, intriguing, and occasionally strange dorm themes, and the 2017-2018 school year is no exception. AlanRead More

Employed part-time by the Development Office, students solicit donations for the Annual Fund.

Development Office Calls Students to Action

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On Sunday and Tuesday evenings during the school year, the Alumni Relations Office in Brownell comes to life. Around a dozen student callers, tasked with asking alumni for donations to the Annual Fund, connect with former Choate students and cheerfully ask, “Would you like to consider making a donation toRead More

Open Mic Night: A Chance to Open Up

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Dim lights, peaceful music, and a safe environment for you to share anything you could possibly want to share. This is the panoply that greeted Choate students at the Open Mic Night on Friday, September 15. Organized by Rev. Ally Brundidge, who is affectionately nicknamed “Chappy B,” and taking placeRead More

Lyman Hall High School, located ten minutes from Choate, offers an array of academic opportunities.

From Choate Rosemary Hall to Lyman Hall

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Although Choate students may spend up to four years in Wallingford, many are unfamiliar with the town that they call a second home. Aside from the usual Choate haunts such as Half Moon and Mr. D’s, the town is full of resources for its approximately 46,000 residents, one of themRead More

Nature-Inspired Photo Shoots Around Campus

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If you’re eager for new visual art to admire, look no further than the walls of most campus buildings. Posted on the entryway to the dining hall and the cork boards within Hill House and Humanities are evidence of two photo shoots that have taken place around campus: Eleanor KimRead More

To be a Vegan

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Imagine no burgers on burger day, no ice cream from the soft serve machine, and no pizza whatsoever. Being vegan means avoiding the consumption of any animal products whatsoever, including meat, cheese, and milk. Three Choate vegans described their journey into veganism, its benefits, and its challenges. Leila Cohen ’19Read More

Misstique: Choate’s Feminist Magazine

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Sit at any table in the dining hall, and you’ll noticed the newest publication on campus: a feminist magazine called Misstique. Misstique’s main goal is to raise awareness about the accomplishments of girls on campus in any field, from academics to the sports and the arts. The magazine supports theRead More