In its most popular year yet, Celebrate Wallingford highlighted the importance of community.

Community Celebrates Wallingford

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Last Saturday and Sunday, October 7 and 8, tents lined the streets, North and South Main Street were closed to traffic, and hundreds of Wallingford citizens swarmed the area. This was Celebrate Wallingford, a yearly event dedicated to showcasing the impact of local vendors on the community. Filled with food,Read More

Witches, Welding, and Wallinford’s history

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You may be familiar with the histories behind The Choate School and Rosemary Hall, which were founded in 1896 and 1890, respectively, but have you ever stopped to wonder how the town of Wallingford came to be? Wallingford’s origins lie in 1667, 350 years ago, when 38 planters and freemenRead More

Connecticut Public Education Faces Cuts

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October 1 is typically the annual deadline for the distribution of a state’s education budget to public school districts. However, 2017 presents itself differently. Faced with a $3.5 million deficit, Connecticut state lawmakers have continually failed to reach an agreement on the state budget for this fiscal year. In recentRead More

Students from the Class of 2017 wore their senior sweaters to last year’s Deerfield Day.

Senior Sweaters Display School Spirit

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  Watch for sweaters with a giant ‘C’ appearing on campus. These are the distinguished senior sweaters, a longstanding Choate tradition involving exclusive apparel only to be purchased by the sixth form class. Though you’ll soon see the Class of 2018 sporting these sweaters, the history of senior sweaters hasRead More

The inaugural PINK Color Run takes place this Sunday, October 8.

PINK Color Run Makes Strides for Planned Parenthood

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  Colors! Sweat! Paint! Music! Fun! This year’s inaugural PINK Color Run, organized by Women on Developing Empowering Resolutions (WONDER) and co-sponsored by many gender equality clubs on campus, is literally making strides to support women’s rights. The color run will take place this Sunday, October 8, and all proceedsRead More

Parents’ Portal Revamped to Improve Accessibility

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Choate students seldom have reason to ponder the parents’ portal, the online venue for all parent information on student life. However, this topic is very much on the mind of members of the Communications Department and Internet Technology Services (ITS). Thanks to collaboration between these two groups, recent improvements haveRead More

SRP Summer Internships Inspire Student Work

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Radiation. Cancer therapy. Environmental engineering. Empathy. Granular materials. These are just a few examples of the subjects that the students in Science Research Program (SRP) investigated at professional laboratories over the summer. SRP is a four-term signature program that offers students the opportunity to practice professional laboratory science. It isRead More

With collaboration between Choate and the Wallingford police, the Safety Report Form was unveiled to improve campus safety.

Despite Campus Intiatives, Street Harassment Remains

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Although street harassment may seem like a far-off threat, it’s unfortunately one that many Choate students are familiar with. Freshman cross-country runner Claire Yuan ’21 was verbally harassed by a passing car two weeks ago while with three teammates, mere days after stepping foot on campus.  “We  were coming downRead More

At Commencement, recent graduates smoke cigars as an unofficial rite of passage.

Can You Hold My Diploma While I Light This Cigar?

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Commencement at Choate is a day filled with a plethora of emotions. The first two sensations of the day are joy and sadness; the third is the pungent scent of burning tobacco leaves. Every year on this day, seniors are free from teachers’ authority and cigars are lit around campus. Read More