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Students on the U.S. government and politics trip meet with Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut.

Government and Politics Students Visit the U.S. Capital

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If you noticed a few of your fellow classmates and teammates absent from classes and sports from Sunday, October 29, to Tuesday, October 31, then it was most likely due to the recent US Government and Politics (often referred to by its former name, API) class trip to Washington D.C.Read More

Since 1912, Honor Code Ensures Trust on Campus

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“On my honor,” a student hastily scribbles on her assessment before handing it in. Choate Rosemary Hall’s Honor Pledge –– in full: On my honor, I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid –– is often taken for granted on campus, with a framed copy of the code in eachRead More

Griffin Birney ’18 and Mustafe Dahir ’19: XC Course Record Breakers

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Within the past year, two runners on Boys’ Cross Country have broken the school record, running the fastest time on Choate’s course by a Choate runner. The previous record was 16 minutes and 33 seconds, held by Bo Peard ’11 until last season when Griffin Birney ’18, who is aRead More

The winning Deerfield Day T-shirt design (above) was voted on by the student body.

Deerfield Day T-Shirt Design Chosen

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When Choate and Deerfield face off tomorrow, for the annual Deerfield Day, the competition will not be limited to athletics. Deerfield Day is always an opportunity for the students to showcase their school spirit. One way that Choate students do this is through wearing Deerfield Day T-shirts. The overall winnerRead More

Student Council Embarks on Community Listening Tour

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This year, Choate’s Student Council has forgone tradition, embarking upon an entirely new project that extends into more facets of the Choate community than ever. Form representatives have been attending the meetings of a wide range of clubs and organizations on campus, having conversations with club leaders, members, and facultyRead More

Two Schools, Two Dr. Curtises: A Rivalry Built Upon Friendship

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As we approach Deerfield Day — or Choate Day, as our friends in the Emerald City call it — sports teams are getting ready to compete while spectators are preparing  to board the rooter buses to cheer on their classmates. Students at Choate and Deerfield alike look forward to theRead More

Choate Admission seeks to improve the Gold Key Tour Program with additional student leaders.

Changes to Gold Key Program Aim to Increase Efficiency and Spirit

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Gold Key Ambassadors, Choate’s team of tour guides, are often an applicant’s first impression of our school. To prospective students, their tour guide is the face of Choate. A Gold Key member’s presentation of the campus and all it offers can be largely influential in a student’s decision to pursueRead More

The Nuisance of Club Dorm Meetings

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With more than 100 clubs on campus, students have a large variety of extracurriculars to choose from outside of sports and ensembles. That being said, students also need to complete their homework, attend after-school activities, and find time for sleep. In recent years, the emerging trend has been for clubsRead More

A still from The Hunting Ground depicting a map of campus sexual assault nationwide.

Hunting Ground Hypocrisy: Revisiting A Weinstein Company Film

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Released in 2015, The Hunting Ground is a powerful documentary that portrays the shocking sexual-assault cases at campuses across the US and a collection of the horrifying experiences countless women had no other choice but to keep to themselves. Although progress has been made regarding gender-based violence in the UnitedRead More