PINK Color Run Makes Strides for Planned Parenthood

Photo by Lauren Canna/The Choate News

The inaugural PINK Color Run takes place this Sunday, October 8.


Colors! Sweat! Paint! Music! Fun! This year’s inaugural PINK Color Run, organized by Women on Developing Empowering Resolutions (WONDER) and co-sponsored by many gender equality clubs on campus, is literally making strides to support women’s rights. The color run will take place this Sunday, October 8, and all proceeds will be donated to Planned Parenthood.

Serena Levin ’20, co-president of WONDER, defined the event as “a 5K where you get pink powder thrown on you, which is a lot fun because in the end you’re covered in all this powder.” To participate, students may purchase a PINK Color Run shirt in the dining hall, which serves as both the uniform and the registration fee for the event. An estimated 140 shirts have been sold thus far.

Rachel Proudman ’19, another leader of WONDER, said, “Leading the color run means educating people that Planned Parenthood is not just a place where abortions occur; Planned Parenthood is a place that promotes women’s health care.” Proudman feels that with our current administration, it is very important that we, as citizens, “do everything in our power to continue to fund Planned Parenthood and educate the population about the importance of the organization.”
Though WONDER is the main organizer of the event, a variety of gender equality groups on campus are co-sponsors, including Students Advocating Gender Equality (SAGE), Girl Up, Misstique, Like a Girl, Girls for Girls, and Choate for Women. Madi Epstein-O’Halloran ’18, co-president of SAGE, said, “I think it’s important to support the cause because it shows that within a community, we are really cohesive and support one another.” She continued, “Planned Parenthood is such an essential tool to everybody. Even if you are against reproductive rights, it is used by lot of women that have other health care needs.”

Kay Ingulli ’18 plans to participate in the color run because she “runs a lot of races as a cross-country runner, but participating in a color run is something I’ve never actually gotten around to do.” Audrey Powell ’19 purchased a shirt because she is “a huge supporter of Planned Parenthood and women’s reproductive rights.” She thinks it is great that the proceeds from the shirt sales are going to Planned Parenthood, and even though she is not running, she wanted to show her support by donating.

If you’re interested in bright colors, emphatic activism, and enthusiastic peers, put on your sneakers and walk up to the cross-country course this Sunday, October 8 for the PINK Color Run.

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