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The Theater of the Oppressed hosted a workshop at Choate on Sunday, October 8.

Theater of the Oppressed Comes to Choate

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While many would look at the colossal and daunting condition of New York City’s housing crisis with defeat, Theatre of the Oppressed NYC, a group of actors from Brooklyn, responded in a an inspiring way —by creating and performing a new play, Apartment Complex. Theatre of the Oppressed is aRead More

Gavin Galiardo ’20 stays true to his own fashion sense at Choate.


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Too frequently do I hear people say that fashion does not exist outside of the world of women. I have therefore believed that men’s outfits scarcely receive as many comments or compliments as women’s, and that, especially while growing up, a male will often be regarded as eccentric if heRead More

Resident Rapper: Kid Lacey

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The number of memorable school dances can be counted on one hand. The repetitive music and flashing lights tend to blur them together. However, this past weekend was an event that will be remembered for the unique tunes projected on stage. The man behind those beats was Matt Lacey ’18,Read More

From escape rooms to restaurants, Wallingford provides a variety of culinary and entertainment options.

Free Time? Go to Town

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While entertainment opportunities abound on campus, the Choate community is also surrounded by the vibrant town of Wallingford. Last week, Michelle Zhuang ’18 took to the streets to find the best entertainment options in town – all a short walk or Uber away. Doolittle Park Searching for a slice ofRead More

Second Annual Sled Hockey Fundraiser

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The second annual sled hockey fundraiser run by Nicole McGuigan ’18 is coming to a speedy approach. The idea was created when she was volunteering for a sled hockey team near her home in Long Island. The goalie got into an accident in a hockey game, losing one of hisRead More

In Many, Proper Etiquette Lies Latent

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Here at Choate Rosemary Hall many students act as though they are the only contributing factor to a school that is managed day in and day out by devoted faculty and staff. We litter the floors of St. John Hall, we often hold side conversations every chance we get duringRead More

Daily Schedule Adjusted Upon Faculty Request

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On October 6, several adjustments were announced to tweak the nightly routine of the new schedule. This endeavor was spearheaded by Mr. James Stanley, Dean of Students, in collaboration with a committee of faculty. Concerns had arisen among the faculty about some aspects of the new schedule, which were recentlyRead More

In its most popular year yet, Celebrate Wallingford highlighted the importance of community.

Community Celebrates Wallingford

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Last Saturday and Sunday, October 7 and 8, tents lined the streets, North and South Main Street were closed to traffic, and hundreds of Wallingford citizens swarmed the area. This was Celebrate Wallingford, a yearly event dedicated to showcasing the impact of local vendors on the community. Filled with food,Read More

Choate Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

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National Hispanic Heritage Month, which lasted from September 15 to October 15, ended this past Sunday. The purpose of Hispanic Heritage Month is to recognize the contributions of Hispanic and Latinx Americans to the group’s heritage and culture. HLF, Choate’s Hispanic Latinx Forum, worked with the school to make thisRead More