Volleyball Tops Pomfret During Triple-header

Photo by Alix MacKillop

With her teammates looking on, Blake Migden ’19 serves during a seven-hour, three-game Saturday.


Last Saturday, Girls’ Varsity Volleyball crushed Pomfret in a commanding 3-0 win during its busy three game weekend. Pomfret entered with a 1-2 record, with 0-2 losses against Lawrence Academy and Middlesex and its sole win coming against Marianopolis Prepatory. Choate, on the other hand, entered the game with two dominating 3-0 victories against Cheshire Academy and Miss Porter’s. It seems that 3-0 victories are becoming routine for this lethal volleyball team.

The match started, and Choate immediately began to dominate the game. In turn, the intensity of Choate led the Pomfret coach to call a timeout, with a 10-1 scoreline at that time. With a strong offense and clutch substitutes, Choate claimed the first set easily 25-12.

The second set started out more evenly, with Pomfret claiming their first lead of the game off of a strong spike, putting them up 5-4. However, their substitutions also led to some communication issues, which led to the game being tied up 14-14. In the middle of the set, Choate and Pomfret traded the most exciting point of the series with intense saves, spikes and blocks. Choate finally won the minute-long point, a huge boost for the team. Pomfret fought back and brought the score to 24-23, but Choate managed to secure the final point and win the second set.

The third and final set of the game started off similar to the second, as Choate fell behind 8-7. Choate inserted its starting lineup and reclaimed an 18-14 lead. With no real challenge from Pomfret, Choate easily secured the third set. Three seemed to be a special number for the girls, as they won all three of their matches 3-0 to start off their season, including a 3-1 win against Lawrenceville and a 3-0 win against Miss Porter’s that Saturday. With such a strong start to the season, Coach Loeb did not hesitate to say what the group’s goal was: “To put another banner up on the wall.”

One of the unique aspects of this game was that every player got to play. Coach Loeb mentioned, “We have a really good team this year, so they had a hard time stopping us.” This showed with all players contributing to the 3-0 win and two other games this past weekend. With such a large number of players involved, it was hard for Coach Loeb to pick out one that stood out. He eventually stated, “They could not stop Elyse [Cornwall ’18]. Every time we got her the ball, the point ended.” With such a great start, it seems that Choate Girls’ Volleyball is poised for a great season.

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