Open Mic Night: A Chance to Open Up

Dim lights, peaceful music, and a safe environment for you to share anything you could possibly want to share. This is the panoply that greeted Choate students at the Open Mic Night on Friday, September 15. Organized by Rev. Ally Brundidge, who is affectionately nicknamed “Chappy B,” and taking place in the Seymour St. John Chapel, the event spread a message of justice and peace inside our community.

The event consisted of three parts, the first being music drawn from a variety of musical and religious traditions. Chappy B explained, “These pieces of music were mostly secular and from communities suffering injustice. We hoped they would spread positivity, peace, love, and open change.”

Following the music, students were free to respond and process current events at the microphone. “Several major events that have happened recently have occurred over the summer, and we weren’t able to respond to that as a community as they happened,” said Chappy B. “At an open mic night, anyone can respond to anything, whether it’s subjects we raised like the threat of nuclear weapons in east Asia, the white supremacist marches, and the repeal of DACA, or if it’s their opinions or what current events mean to them inside their families.” The event concluded by discussing and forming a message about how to form a just and loved community, an idea that has historical roots with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“We want to create a place to address any feelings of hurt, confusion, or what’s going on around us,” said Chappy B. “Our hope was to take the events that have happened throughout the summer and allow students to be able to comfortably discuss these issues.”

Regarding the success of the event, Chappy B remains optimistic. She said, “Though the event wasn’t attended by many, this event still matters to our spiritual life team because it is important to respond to hate, it is important to respond to injustice, it is important to respond to fear, and we are meant to respond with hope, love, courage and action. It matters for us to come together, no matter how few or how many.”

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