In the Dugout with Varsity Baseball

Photo by Marja Van Mierlo ’18

Jack Hodgeson ’17 winds up


Photo by Marja Van Mierlo ’18

The eclectic and energetic dugout of Varsity Baseball.

The Varsity Baseball Team will play 19 games this season, a heavy schedule by any standard. The team not only manages to play all of its games at a high level, but it also happens to be one of the most energetic teams on campus.

Trent Schwab ’18 said, “It’s a lot of fun. We have a good group of guys. I look forward to practices and games everyday. It’s just a good team atmosphere.”

It’s easy for the team to come back to the field everyday because of the light-hearted nature of the group. Walking by field at any time, you can hear the team howling and laughing with each other. Jonah Feldman ’20 commented on the energy, “Guys are always cheering each other on. It’s definitely an exciting place and an great atmosphere.”

The players enjoy themselves, and this approach appears to work well for them. The team is 9-4 this season, and with the post-season approaching soon, the boys are looking to make a late season push. This makes the dugout players particularly important, as they bring the fire to every game. That energy can help start rallies or focus the team.

Jake MacKenzie ’17 said, “The main leaders of the bench mob are Nick Catandella ’17 and Jack Hodgson ’17.”

The team has a couple guys who helps keep things light and make the team laugh when things get tough. Tyler Daly ’17 and Hodgson received votes for the most entertaining player, but there were others who were mentioned as well. Schwab said that it could have been Matt Albino ’17, Daly, or Hodgson. He added, “There’s just so many funny dudes on the team. Everyone has such unique personalities that make for hilarious situations.” In addition to Hodgson and Daly, Feldman said that he thought Catandella’s dugout quips were absurdly funny.

Everybody on the team will end the season with a ton of great memories. When the season gets tough, the boys support each other, but there’s still plenty of great moments for the team to celebrate. When asked about a funny memory from the season, Schwab paused for a moment before saying, “I like having seed spitting contests with David Monti ’17.”

When asked how he would describe his experience,  Will Eichhorn ’19 said, “Everybody supports each other through the really long season. There are a lot of funny and energetic guys. It’s a joyful and fun experience, but it’s also hardworking and serious.”

Look for the boys to finish out the year strong, particularly during the Walker Tournament on May 20.

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