Athletics Manager Rose Camire Retires

On Monday, April 3, Ms. Rose Camire retired after 16 years as the office manager for the Department of Athletics. “I began in November of 2001, and having never worked in a school or academia atmosphere, I had some reservations,” recalled Ms. Camire. “I was tentative and very nervous, but my love for sports kept me focused.”

Of her responsibilities, Ms. Camire said, “After receiving the basic sports schedules for each season, I would have to be sure that all aspects of that schedule had what it needed to become our finished product.” This meant that she had to schedule transportation for games, meals for teams that had away games, referees to officiate, and overnight arrangements. She also had to work with the Grounds Crew to ensure that the fields were prepared for each home game.

Most athletes never think twice about all of the work that goes into preparing for games, which is a true testament to how well Ms. Camire did her job. Athletic Director Ned Gallagher said, “She was the social glue of the department. She was good at communicating between the office, the equipment room, and the training room and making sure everyone was in the loop.”

On her favorite part of working at Choate, Ms. Camire said, “I am fortunate to have had many special memories having worked at Choate, but what stands out the most and what I will take with me are the opportunities I had in meeting so many people. So many students, families, faculty, staff and alums that make up this incredible institution have all played a role in making my years here at Choate a rewarding experience.”

While her work ethic and experience will be missed, it is her presence in the office that will be missed most. Ms. Paula Marcati, a good friend of Ms. Camire, described Rose as a true friend. “We were real buddies! We laughed and cried; our kids played together; we did everything for sixteen long years. I’m going to miss her, but I’ll still see her outside of Choate,” said Ms. Marcati. Mr. Gallagher had a couple of things that he would remember Ms. Camire by: “She was a die-hard New York Yankees fan, a foodie, proud of her Italian heritage and her family, thoughtful, dependable, and even-tempered.”

While Ms. Camire is excited for retirement, she admitted she is feeling sentimental. “Walking away into retirement is very emotional. Coming in day after day, working with co-workers, staff, coaches, and the students, made me realize this just wasn’t the ‘office’ where I drove to so many mornings, it was a place where I spent more time than being at home! It was a place that was quiet and calm until dismissal, and then the doors would open, and the WJAC came alive,” she said.

She went on, “What I am fortunate enough to be taking from Choate are some incredible memories — some wonderful and happy ones and some sad ones as well — and friendships that I hope will last long into the years.”

She had some final thoughts on retirement and her 16 years here  at Choate: “It will be very different driving to campus to attend a performance or to watch a game and not have to worry about buses or officials. I look forward to returning to Choate as a ‘spectator,’ and when I stop by the office, I hope that the candy jar is full. I truly hope I made a small difference in all these years because I know for certain, Choate has made my life very different from that first day in November. My job gave me opportunities to meet so many wonderful people. Thank you for all your friendship and kindness through my years here. It’s been a great ride. Go Choate!”

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