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Each year, CRHO takes to Carnegie Hall to display its talent on one of the world’s best venues.

How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall? Go to Choate.

April 21, 2017 at 6:01 am 1 comment

Apply to Choate, and, sooner rather than later, you’ll notice the arts program. Choate Rosemary Hall boasts an extraordinary program, which includes the Choate Symphony Orchestra (CRHO), composed of passionate and talented musicians from all over the world. The Choate Symphony Orchestra, led by the “mighty maestro” Mr. Phil Ventre,Read More

Photo by Lauren Canna/The Choate News

Meet Max, the Science Center Snake

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For six years, Mr. Benjamin Small, Head of the Science Department, has courageously lived in the same quarters as a corn snake, a pet not usually seen around campus. Mr. Small’s snake, named Max, has inhabited the Science Center for six years. Last week, Mr. Small agreed to comment onRead More

Choate Attends Asian American Conference

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Two weeks ago on Sunday, April 9, a group of eight Choate students and one faculty member, Ms. Yuxin Xie, traveled to Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts for the Seventh Annual Asian American Footsteps Conference. The purpose of the conference was to provide students of Asian descent with a safeRead More

New St. John Brings Delight and Questions

New St. John Brings Delight and Questions

April 21, 2017 at 6:00 am 0 comments

The world-class, state-of-the-art St. John Hall Student Center officially opened to the community on Monday, April 10. This 37,000 square foot building, located in the heart of campus, was designed to enhance the student experience at Choate. Director of Student Activities Mr. Jim Yanelli said, “Students always interact collaboratively, butRead More

Revisions of Policies for Starting Clubs

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As of this school year, Choate’s Committee n Student Affairs (COSA) is rethinking how to achieve its mission of creating a thriving club life on campus. Many students have viewed this reworking as COSA becoming stricter. In reality, COSA is now going to act as a resource for leaders ofRead More

Economics Students Win Business Competition

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Eight Choate students traveled over 200 miles to attend the 2017 Penn Business Case Competition at Swarthmore College on Sunday, April 9. Choate brought two teams of economics students, winning first and second place. During the competition, teams planned and presented business strategies based on a case study. The winningRead More

Gutting FCC Guidelines Guts Our Rights

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More than 87 percent of Americans have sustainable access to internet, and many of those who do spend more than ten hours a day actively online. Under the Obama administration, these people were guaranteed personal privacy and security while browsing, as Federal Communication Commission (FCC) laws required Internet Service ProvidersRead More

Bershtein and Patel: Pop Stars in the Making

April 21, 2017 at 6:00 am 1 comment

Recently, two Choate students have taken their love for music to a different level. No longer sticking to simply covering a song from a different artist, Richard Bershtein ’20 and Max Patel ’19 have gone above and beyond and written their own songs. The two songs they have written thusRead More

Students frequently pass the Science Center Pond between classes, unaware of the life within.

The Depths of the Science Center Pond

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Imagine crossing the bridge from the Lanphier Center to the Science Center. On the right side, you see several turtles sunbathing on a log; on the left, you see a giant koi splashing water in its wake. This is only a sample of the many organisms that live in theRead More