The Debut of Jockapella

Photo by Pinn Chirathivat

Captain of Jockapella, Cam Leonard ’17, poses alongside her ensemble.

Last term, Choate was introduced to a new club on campus: Jockapella. The announcement of such a club was met with great excitement by  not only athletes, but also other members of the community as well. The objective of the club  was to form an a cappella group that comprised of athletes as a fun union and more relaxed version of the current a cappella groups at Choate. Jockapella is lead by Cameron Leonard ’17, who brought together a group of athletes for a less musically inclined, but just as fun ensemble.

Although the thought of Jockapella may seem comedic to many,  Leonard  assures that the club serves a far deeper purpose than just singing songs. She recounts, “Because most varsity athletes are so busy during the year with games and meets, we don’t get to see one another very often. Jockapella creates that time in which we all can bond and support each other, even if it is through singing, a means that normally would not unite us.”

Most a cappella groups are well known for the selective process that commences the casting of members. Auditions for these groups are usually held in the beginning of the school year, with supplementary auditions that follow in order to create the most talented group possible. Jockapella, however, breaks those restrictive boundaries and is open to anyone who is interested in having a good time. Leonard said, “When I was thinking of creating this club, I wanted to make sure that it would be entertaining to not only the audience but also be an enjoyable experience to the club members. The aim to Jockapella is to be a comedic addition to school meetings, and a spin on existing Choate a cappella in general to make people who aren’t musically inclined, but enjoy singing, feel included.” 

The club welcomes all athletes who like to sing, without any experience necessary, and continues to accept members throughout the year.  Leonard says, “We have about twenty members who regularly attend meetings. Because the club is still very new, I hope to see our numbers grow as spring term progresses.” Many members of the group cite it to be “a very fun bonding experience” and compliments that Leonard “is doing a great job”. As a leader, she manages to unite people of all skill levels in order to create an ensemble that is diverse and inclusive of all levels of athletes and all levels of vocalists.

Although the rest of the Choate community has not seen performances from Jockapella yet, the club is very much active, meeting every Sunday night. The group is about to make its official debut into the Choate a cappella world.  Leonard says, “We were originally scheduled to perform during a school meeting in February, but there were conflicts with Orchestra. I mean, who would want to perform after that: we really could not compete with them!” On a brighter note, she adds, “Spring term we will definitely perform at a school meeting, in front of the entire student body, maybe even at the Daily Grind. Who knows what will come up!”

Look out for Jockapella’s  performance at future school meetings and events. Be sure to support them and join them in any future endeavors, no matter if you’re a varsity or intramural athlete.

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