Spring Sports Preview 2016-17


Key Players: Jack Hodgson ’17, Jack Terreri-Fuchs ’18

Captain Jake MacKenzie ’17 stated: “I’m really optimistic about this season because we have experience and a great pitching staff.” MacKenzie also mentioned that with a little more work, the season is positioned to be great.

Girls’ Crew

Key Members: Stewart Egan ’18, Amira Nazar ’17

The Girls’ Crew team has a strong group of returners, as well as newcomers, that will make them competitive. Elise Hummel ’18 commented, “The team is full of not just great athletes, but great people.” The group will look to build off of last year’s success.

Boys’ Crew

Key Members: Tristan Jamidar ’18, Ross Moseley ’17

The Boys’ Crew team has many new faces that are ready to go this season. As for the older rowers, they are excited about seeing the team dynamic grow. Some of the newer boys have already rowed during the fall term, another positive for the team.   

Girls’ Golf

Key Members: Katherine Burgstahler ’18, Isabelle Steiner ’18

Girls’ Golf returns with a mix of both veterans and rookies, Anne Miles Demott ’18 said, “Our team is the biggest it’s been in a while, and we have four new team members with a ton of potential.” The returners have been hitting the links in preparation for the season, so expect big things this year.

Boys’ Golf

Key Members: Lawson Buhl ’17, Faisal Al-Saif ’18

Boys’ Golf team returns all of their team and are excited to see what the season has in store. Carter Prince ’18 commented, “I think we have the chance to be good this year,” adding that the returners all have one more year of experience. The older Choate team looks formidable going into this spring.

Boys’ Lacrosse

Key Members: Bobby Goggin ’17, Jack Vara ’17

After an amazing trip to Virginia for pre-season, Boys’ Lacrosse is coming back stronger than ever. “We have a lot of outstanding individual talent, but we will have to find success in our ability to cultivate a team first mentality,” said Captain Jack Hutchinson ’17.

Girls’ Lacrosse

Key Members: Alex Jarvis ’17, Ellen Arena ’17

Girls’ Lacrosse had preseason in Arizona which was different from their usual trip to Florida. Outside coach Amanda Trendell was a big part of their preseason training, according to Claire Marshall ’17 also stated: “It was great to have a lot of returners, because I think we set the bar really high.”


Key Members: Joseph Coyne ’19, Julia Stork ’20

Captain Olivia van den Born ’17 was incredibly optimistic about the upcoming season, commenting, “Though we’ve had a few land practices thus far, the focus and collaboration I am already seeing is very encouraging.”


Key Members: Emma Griffith ’17, Claudia Horvath-Diano ’17

Like past years, the Softball team is made up of a few returners along with many new faces. Because of their new talent, the team will look to its returners to lead the team. It will be important for them to stick together and work as a unit in order to succeed this spring.

Girls’ Tennis

Key Members: Madison Mandell ’18, Journee Brown ’19

With only 4 returners from last year’s team, Girls’ Tennis is going to be relying on newcomers to succed this term. Caroline Quinn ’18 commented, “We lost a lot of our bench from graduation, but we look forward to welcoming our new team members!”

Boys’ Tennis

Key Members: Andres Ballesteros ’18, Charles Bellmare ’17

The Boys’ Tennis team lucked out and returns five of their top six players. Coach Ned Gallagher said that there is also “a sprinkling of new talent, so we expect to be competitive.” Look for the Boys’ to be dominating on the courts this spring.

Track and Field

Key Members: Abby Blair ’17, Calvin Carmichael ’18

Even though track lost many athletes last year, the captains believe that there are enough new runners to fill the gaps. Austin Huang ’17 and Maya Birney ’17 mentioned, “The seven weeks between now and Founders is a long time, and if we push ourselves and commit fully, we think we have a good chance of doing really well.”


Key Members: Ausar Mundra ’17, Adedamola Adeyemi ’18

Even though many members of Ultimate graduated last year, Captain Amir Idris ’17 stated that they have a lot of new talent which he is excited to work with. Amir commented, “States will be hosted on our campus this year, so we’re hoping to win big.”


Key Members: Chiazam Nzeako ’17, Nils Lovegren ’18

Chanin Kitjatanapan ’17 stated that this year the volleyball team is definitely more senior orientated. Chanin also stated, “Because we’re still lacking height to be dangerous at the net, we’re underdogs for sure. But we’re coming for that championship.”

Water Polo

Key Members: Nina Hastings ’18, Cecilia Zhou ’17

Captains Nicole Sellew ’17 and Virginia Stanley ’17 stated that all the new players are learning quickly and showing great potential. Coach Rea also said that it was imperative to finish first in the league, adding, “It’s absolutely possible if we continue to work hard every day.”

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