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The cost of test prep can quickly add up; this Princeton Review ACT book and Kaplan SAT II Literature guide both cost around twenty dollars.

SAT, ACT Prep Courses: Is the Money Worth It?

October 28, 2016 at 6:00 am 1 comment

With the emphasis that students tend to place on college admissions, it is no surprise that many students choose to take advantage of Summit Test Prep ACT and SAT tutoring services on campus.  According to Ms. Marcia Landesman, Director of College Counseling, feedback for these courses have been positive overall.Read More

Town Library Hosts Varying Informational Presentations

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Nearly every other week, the Wallingford Public Library hosts a presentation on one of the various topics pertinent to the lives of the citizens in the town of Wallingford. Ms. Beth Devlin, the Head of Community Activities at the Library, briefly described her role in bringing these presentations to theRead More

The 140-acre Paddock Farm produces a lush harvest of apples each year, and Mr. Erik Freeman hopes to maintain the orchards and flowerbeds.

Ian Morris Has Left, but the Beauty of Paddock Farm Remains

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Imagine Beethoven’s “Pastoral” Symphony come to life: the colorful opening translated into rustling autumn leaves, the vivid interplay between strings and woodwinds morphed into larks soaring over a bounty of harvest, and there you have it — Paddock Farm, an area near the Kohler Environmental Center (KEC) with a facultyRead More

Photo by Camila Borjesson/The Choate News

Archives Exhibit Presidential Election Buttons

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If you venture past the Library Reading Room and into the computer room, you may stumble upon a glass case containing a colorful collection of campaign buttons. The assortment represent classic Americana pop art and depict slogans and images of presidential candidates from the late 1890s to the 2008 election.Read More

Students sit on the Memorial House steps after the chairs, key social components, disappeared.

More Questions Than Answers in School’s Abrupt Removal of Memorial House Adirondack Chairs

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There has been much speculation regarding why the Adirondack chairs that used to sit at the top of the Memorial House steps were gone at the beginning of the school year. Head of House Mr. Yaser Robles explained, “During the first month or so of the term they were hereRead More

Illustration by Mckynzie Romer

After Spike in Concussions, Recovery Analyzed

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Concussion prevention has been receiving nationwide attention lately, as brain injuries are becoming more commonplace in a variety of sports. Already, there have been seventeen reported concussions on Choate’s campus this fall. Around this time in 2014, there had only been eleven. In 2015, this number fell to seven. AsRead More

Illustration courtesy of Julian Yau

Violence Has No Place in Our Nation’s Political Pantheon

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The 2016 presidential race has been one of the most polarized and tense elections in American history. Distressingly, this tension has permeated the nation’s climate and set off politically charged acts of violence. One such incident occurred recently in Hillsborough, North Carolina. On October 16, the Republican Party Orange CountyRead More

Petition for More Affordable Textbooks to Circulate

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Anyone who has browsed through Amazon for textbooks may already know that there is a discrepancy between the prices listed online and those listed in the School Store. Students such as Dani Zanuttini-Frank ’18 have been able to buy all their textbooks for half the price of the School Store’sRead More

Boys’ and Girls’ Rowing Requalify for 2017 Head of the Charles Regatta

Boys’ and Girls’ Rowing Requalify for 2017 Head of the Charles Regatta

October 28, 2016 at 6:00 am 0 comments

Talk to any varsity rower of the Choate Crew Team, and he or she will tell you one thing: rowing has no off-season. Such was especially true for the eight rowers and two coxswains who represented both Choate Boys’ and Girls’ Crew on Sunday, October 23, at the internationally renownedRead More