Letter to the Editor: Schedules

To the Editor:

Huong Pham’s ’19 article last week discussing the School’s decision to move to a 3×70 schedule next year highlights an important and years-long decision.

Over the last decade, as Choate has increasingly adopted active, learner-centered, project-based approaches to its teaching, many faculty have found the current 45-minute class schedule inadequate. Conversations with educators at schools both in the U.S. and abroad suggested that longer periods support both a more manageable pace of life and more effective learning. In the spring of 2015, Choate asked school-scheduling expert Roxanne Higgins to review its daily schedule. After meeting with students, faculty, staff, and parents, Ms. Higgins recommended a longer-block schedule.

Last fall, 15 Choate faculty members (representing each academic department and athletics) worked to devise a schedule that provided lunch to all students, eased the day’s pace, and lengthened class periods. After additional research and extensive discussions with teachers at Choate and other schools, a subcommittee devised the 3×70-minute schedule that will take effect next academic year. 

Throughout this academic year, Choate’s faculty will engage in professional development to support the new schedule’s pedagogical goals.  We look forward to ongoing dialogue with students and faculty as we embrace the opportunities and challenges of this exciting transition.


Dr. Katie Jewett,

Director of Curricular Initiatives

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