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The Survey Was the First Step, Now for The Real Change

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As Rosalind Weisman and “A Culture of Dignity” continues to assess the culture of Choate, the number of campus conversations regarding healthy relationships – between both faculty and students – has reached a peak. Reactions to Weisman’s presentation at school meeting have ranged from pride at the School’s efforts toRead More

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Duterte’s Regime: Brutal But Effective

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I will not defend Duterte’s words. I’ll defend his actions. The things he says, at least the words that get reported internationally, range from ungentlemanly to despicable. I don’t especially care. Bluster is exactly that: bluster. Real change – making tangible improvements to ordinary lives – is what counts in leadership,Read More

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No Fall Concert, No Love for the Arts

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On October 14 in an article by Nicole Yao ’18, it was reported that the annual fall ense mble concert would be cancelled this year. Usually, this concert is the only opportunity in the fall term for music ensembles such as Symphony Orchestra, Festival Chorus, and Jazz Band to performRead More

Death of a King,  Death of an Artist

Death of a King, Death of an Artist

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On October 13, 2016, Thailand was met with the great loss of the beloved King, Bhumibol Adulyadej. His legacy of grace, devotion to his people, and practical way of life still remains a fresh memory in Thai minds. Having cultivated an interest in the arts since he was a child,Read More

ITS Cautions Students about Online Security

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In response to an online scammer drawing a substantial amount of money from a Choate student’s account, Director of Information and Technology Services Mr. Andrew Speyer sent out an all-school email last Sunday reminding students to safeguard personal and important financial information such as passwords and credit card numbers. Mr.Read More

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On Key with Kaki Su ’19

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Pianist Kaki Su ’19 and her friend violinist Annett Ho ’18 dazzled the Choate community with their Franck Sonata in A Major duet during the school meeting on Wednesday, October 12.  Immediately after the last note played, the entire audience stood up, applauding the two students with exuberant whoops andRead More

Pictured from left to right: Dr. Jordan Ellenberg, Mr. Bob Woodward, Dr. Tricia Rose, and Dame Evelyn Glennie.

Choosing Special Program Speakers: A Special Process

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Most students’ understanding of how a special program speaker is selected may likely be summed up by Mr. Kevin Roger’s, Choate’s Director of Studies, humorous explanation: “We reach out and negotiate and then ba-da-bing-ba-da-boom we have a speaker.” But, of course, “ba-da-bing-ba-da-boom” takes tremendous resources, time, and effort to achieve.Read More

In order to open a mailbox, students now simply turn the dial and press downwards.

Choate Bids Farewell to Mailbox Locks

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Rather than enduring the often tedious process of opening one’s mailbox with a combination lock, students can now access their mail in seconds. The mailroom has removed all  locks’ from students’ mailboxes. Although the idea of unlocking mailboxes was controversial, mailroom staff and students are largely pleased with the outcome:Read More

Leland Ben ’17 Aims to Invite Conservative Speaker to Campus

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Several conservative students have recently expressed frustration at Choate for what they claim is its deeply engrained, activist progressive nature. They can’t express their opinion, these students say, because Choate’s ethos shuts them down. Conservative Leland Ben ’17 recently decided to take action. Ben has spent the last couple ofRead More