Joey Waters: Overflowing with Talent

The Boys’ Varsity Soccer team has started off their season on a high note, with big wins against Cheshire, Hopkins, and Kent, thanks to a large crop of returners and a strong group of new recruits. One new team member, Madison native Joey Waters ’18, has just recently made his mark on the squad. Day after day, teammates praise and try to emulate his attitude.                                                                                                          

Waters’s calm demeanor and resolute character can be attributed to his humble Choate soccer roots. He began his career on thirds soccer as a freshman, before starting for the junior varsity team last year, and ultimately making the varsity team his junior year.  Waters’s previous JV teammates only had fond things to say about him. Arinze Nzeako ’19 recalled, “Joey was really the team dad. He was a brick wall in the back and a stallion going forward!”

Despite playing a smaller role for varsity, Waters has exhibited the same leadership qualities that made him a team favorite on JV. Whether he’s bringing up gear, working hard during fitness, or hitting absolute bangers, Waters sets an example for all teammates.

Captain Jack Hutchinson ’17 said, “Joey has inspired me to kick the ball higher, faster, and farther. His die-hard attitude and relentless work ethic get me going. They’re provocative.” Spencer Jimenez ’18 echoed his captain’s words, stating, “Not a day goes by without Joey scoring a gino. He’s the heart and soul of the team, and we would not survive without him. He really knows how to crank it up!”

Waters’s presence has not gone unnoticed by Head Coach Charlie Fuentes. When asked about Waters, Coach Fuentes responded, “Who, Aguas? He’s quiet, yet thoughtful. He’s good to have in practice to push the starters, and we hope to get him time on the field soon.”

When Waters is not setting standards on the soccer field, he can be found playing junior varsity basketball, shining on varsity lacrosse, or excelling in Spanish class. Joey’s success on the field is paralleled by his excellence in the classroom. Zach Lopes ’18 commented, “He is an academic weapon with high market value. We always knew that he could play soccer, but, boy, can he play school!”

When asked if he expected to be in his current situation freshman year, Waters responded, “I don’t really think about it too much. I guess I’m just happy to be here.” Waters, with his array of talents and inspiring attitude, is sure to guide Boys’ Varsity Soccer to victory this season.

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