Football Seeks Another Championship

Photo courtesy of Ross Mortensen

The Wild Boars hone skills and push limits at practice in preparation for the 2016 season.

Varsity football is one of the most celebrated teams at Choate. The Wild Boars  have been undefeated for two years, and are hoping to continue that streak during the 2016 season. They kicked off this year with a historic win against Cheshire on Saturday, September 17. The game was a thriller for players and supporters alike. Team member Kevin Nusdeo ’17 said, “That was a big win and the best game I have ever been a part of, by far. Last year we had no close games, but this one was really back and forth. We were down three times and we came back every time.” Nusdeo also commented on the significance of the two distinguished teams going head-to-head for the first time:  “It really put prep school football on the map.” Indeed, the Cheshire game was an amazing win for Choate and an incredible way to start the season.

With that win under their belt, players and coaches are grinding through practices to prepare for another great season of Choate football. Jake Kastenhuber ’17 said, “We definitely need to work on our kick return and make sure that we secure everything that comes to us.” Varsity Coach LJ Spinnato commented, “Defensively, we hope to be more dynamic and multiple than we’ve been in the past. Offensively, we are excited to bring back our quarterback run game.”

Regarding which team is expected to pose the greatest threat this year, Coach Spinnato said, “We don’t really focus on opponents outside of the ones we are playing each week. Lawrenceville is a great team and we are preparing for them right now. Class A football is getting better and more competitive every season. We have a very tough schedule this year.” The boys zone in on their immediate competition each week, instead of focusing on obstacles later in the season.

The varsity team gained many new players this year.  Kastenhuber said, “This year we have about thirty new kids, so it’s kind of a whole new team. Still, everything is going pretty well and everyone is bonding.” Nusdeo commented on how this influx of new talent affects team dynamic and play: “I think this year’s team is just as good, if not better than, last year’s team. Obviously, we have only played a few games so far, so the team is still getting stronger as one. We’ll keep improving as the season goes on.” With all of the new players, bonding will be a key element to the team’s overall function this year.

The football team is projected to have yet another exciting season this fall. The players and coaches are all pumped to get back on the field and defeat Exeter this Saturday.

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