On the Dance Floor with Tiffany Lin ’18

Photo courtesy of Tiffany Lin

Meet Tiffany Lin ’18. From Little Neck, New York, this two-year sophomore has contributed to the Choate arts program in many ways, particularly in dance.

At Choate, Lin is a part of Dance Company, Hip Hop Club, Step Squad, and Dance Ensemble. She has also participated in the annual dance concert, and is now one of three new dancers in the Arts Concentration program, joining Madi Epstein-O’Halloran ’18. Lin’s commitment to dance, which consumes 12 of her hours each week, demonstrates her dedication.

Lin began her dance career when she was nin years old. “My mom encouraged me to dance, so I joined a rhythmic gymnastics team in Queens,” she explained. Over time, this hobby grew into a major passion of Lin’s. “Starting early in New York has definitely helped me to develop as a dancer at Choate.”

Dance affects Lin’s life in different ways. “I dance whenever I feel sad or discouraged. It helps me express my emotions,” she explained. “I also like meeting new people through dance,” she added. Lin’s favorite types of dance are contemporary dance and step because “they are fun and lighthearted, as well as a way to express myself.” Other extracurricular interests include doing tech crew and participating in Choate’s first Chinese play, which will take place this Friday, April 22.

As for future endeavors in the world of dance, Lin is unsure about her dance career beyond Choate. Her goals for next year, however, include choreographing a dance and showcasing it during the annual dance concert. “I also want to help other people through dance,” she added. “Madi Epstein-O’Halloran is involved in a project teaching little kids how to dance — I’d like to do that too.”

Katie Lee ’18, who often dances with Lin, said, “Tiffany is a natural performer. She’s had a huge influence on me during all the hours we’ve spent together in the studio, and has helped me grow as a dancer.”

Ms. Emily Lutin, the dance instructor who directed this year’s dance concert, said, “Tiffany’s lovely spirit radiates through her movement both in rehearsals and on stage. She is consistently present, positive, and dedicated to the group as well as her own evolution. It’s been so great to see Tiffany grow as a dancer and as a person.”

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