Choate Cribs: Griffin Birney ’18

Photo by Andrew Garver / The Choate News

Photo by Andrew Garver / The Choate News

If you ever happen to be on the third floor of Hill House, one particular room — that of Griffin Birney ’18 — may be of interest. Birney’s passion for music and revolutionary floor plan makes his room unlike any other.

The highlight of Birney’s room is his sound system, consisting of a record player attached to speakers. Coupled with an extensive record collection perched atop the windowsill, Birney’s audio setup makes his room a popular destination for dorm-mates to hang out and listen to music. In stark contrast to the maximum of two people he could fit in his dorm room last year — Birney had the honor of living in the smallest room on campus — his room capacity is now at an impressive five people.   

Besides being a crowd pleaser, Birney’s music gives his room a personal flair. Posters line the walls: his favorite artists include Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, and Pink Floyd. Earlier in the year, the walls of his room were bare. However, as people began pointing them out to him, he was inspired to put up some decoration. Besides posters, Birney’s records sit atop his dresser drawers neatly in boxes.

Pushed up against the wall, Birney’s bed immediately reveals another interesting feature: it does not have a bedframe. Instead, the mattress sits on the floor. “It’s better for your back,” Birney insisted. “People judge me for doing it, but it’s actually catching on around the dorm.” Not only does it create more space in the room, but Birney also claimed he is sleeping better.

Overall, the elements of Birney’s room work well together, creating a nice atmosphere that both he and his dorm-mates can enjoy.

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